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Why choose siblu when buying a holiday home in France?

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Why choose siblu when buying a holiday home in France?

If you are considering buying a holiday home in France with siblu for the first time, this guide will help you know us better.

1/ You want to buy from a company you can trust
We own our 15 holiday villages, which means our role in your French adventure doesn’t end when you buy a holiday home.

Siblu is an Anglo/French company, which means that you get the best of both worlds: English speakers on hand to help you at any point, coupled with French savoir-faire for an authentic Gallic experience at every siblu location.

And because we own our holiday villages, our relationship with our owners is stronger. We employ the teams that run the village; we are responsible for maintenance and development, and we talk to our holiday home owners on a day-to-day basis – so our complete focus is on giving you an outstanding lifestyle experience.

We have been doing this successfully in France for more than 35 years and today we have  over  7,000 satisfied holiday home owners.

2/ Pools, boules and moules are all part of the experience
One of the many reasons people choose to buy on a holiday village is for the lifestyle – you want pools, sports, entertainment and a restaurant on your doorstep.

Siblu holiday villages are packed with facilities. All have pool complexes (some have indoor or covered pools too); all have sports pitches (most have tennis courts, football pitches and all have boules strips), and there are restaurants, snack bars and shops for when you want to self cater.

During the busiest holiday period, from June to September, our teams put on live shows and family entertainment every evening – it’s much more fun than a nightly dose of Eastenders!

3/ We’re the jumping off point for the French way of life
The dream of the ‘French Way of Life’ – a slower pace, long lunches, sunshine, a focus on family, beautiful countryside – is what brings many Brits to France.

Mobile homes require so little maintenance, and we take care of looking after the holiday village and facilities, which means you get to focus on doing the things you really enjoy. So you have plenty of time to see pretty towns and villages, explore local markets, practice your language skills with the French families who are your neighbours, develop a taste for local specialities and have fun with your loved ones.

4/ There are perks to owning with a national company (including free holidays)
Over the years we have worked closely with our holiday home owners to build a programme of perks that help them make the most of their time in France.

One of the most popular is our holiday exchange programme which helps owners swap holidays with each other at our 15 holiday villages. So if you have a holiday home in Normandy and fancy a break on the Côte d’Azur, you can simply swap weeks with another interested owner.

5/ Our holiday homes come in all shapes, sizes and prices
We work with all of the main mobile home manufacturers and so you will always find an array of models at our showgrounds. There are small, medium and large interiors, two or three bedrooms, centre or end-lounges, kitchens that are open plan or tucked away, decor that is modern and minimalist or patterned and homely.

As well as displaying the very latest designs, we also have a huge number of previously owned holiday homes that we service and sell with a warranty. And as with buying a previously-owned car, you’ll find great deals on these options.

6/ We’ll help you earn money from holidaymakers
Rather than leave your holiday home sitting idle when you are in the UK, you can let it to holidaymakers.

There are a couple of ways to do this with – we can manage the letting for you, or you can do it yourself.

When you let with siblu we’ll sell holidays on your behalf, manage the booking, take the payment, look after the customers and clean your holiday home – and then we pay you for using your accommodation.

If you decide to let yourself you will be responsible for managing your bookings and holiday home, but you’ll have the benefit of being able to keep all of the money you earn.

7/ We have deals with ferry companies to get you cheaper travel
Our holiday home owners can make savings on most ferry crossings to France with the major operators including Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries and LD Lines, and book ahead for the busy summer season to secure their preferred crossing times and cabins. Just give us a call and we’ll make the booking for you.

Siblu holiday home owners get cheaper ferries to France

8/ Come and take a look for yourself
Of course, the best way for you to see what this all means in reality is to come and visit a siblu holiday village for yourself.

We can book you a VIP stay and our team will give you a tour of your chosen holiday village, show you the different holiday homes and pitches we have available, and answer your questions.

But most of all, this is your chance to try out the lifestyle and visit the local area to make an informed decision on whether a siblu holiday home is for you.

And if you decide to buy, we’ll take the cost of the accommodation and up to 250€ of your travel expenses off the price of your holiday home.

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