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Would you consider buying a mobile home in France?

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Would you consider buying a mobile home in France?

With the pound reaching recent highs against the Euro, buying a property in France is back on the agenda for many Brits.

We’ve seen stories of superb looking chateaux on the industrial bounce house market for bargain prices, but the truth of these deals is that they usually require a huge amount of investment – in time, money and sweat – from the new owner.

Buying a mobile home on a holiday village is another option, and one with a unique set of benefits.

We asked British owners at Siblu holiday villages across France to tell us why owning a mobile home is the right choice for them. You can see the results in our short film, and in the comments below. If you want to find out more about owning with siblu, head to our site www.sibluvillages.com.

We want enjoyment, not a project

Elizabeth Cook says owning a mobile home in Brittany means she and husband John can focus on their lifestyle, rather than the upkeep of their home: “We like the atmosphere and live life to the full everyday, getting together with other owners and getting involved. We didn’t want to compromise by buying a house and then worrying about it.”

I’m living my dream

Michele Reed says here life is more exciting in France: “Life on parc is friendly, exciting, and the people are fun. I have made some extraordinary, lifelong friends. The biggest decision of my day now is ‘pool or beach?’ – I have made Iife at Lac des Reves into my dream.”

Our social life is better

Marian Chilvers and husband Arthur love their social life in Brittany: “We’ve got a great social life, meet lots of lovely people, eat together, go to restaurants together. We have more of a social life here than we do at home.”

Part of our retirement lifestyle

For Keith and Susan Watkins, their Loire Valley holiday home plays an essential role in their retirement: “We’re not on holiday when we come here, it’s part of the retirement lifestyle. In August we bring our grandchildren; they absolutely adore it here and can’t wait to come.”

Time to do the things we want to

For Elizabeth Oldfield, bringing her family to their mobile home in Brittany is perfect for spending quality time together: “We live right by the beach in England, but we never go, we just don’t have time. In France we get to do all the things we want to do because we’re on holiday.”

So much to keep us active

The facilities are essential for Christine Webster at her Loire Valley base: “Every other day the boys go fishing and we have our aperitifs on all the terraces and do our keep fit. I don’t do any keep fit or swimming at home but here, we have time for us, and that’s the important thing.”

Peace of mind

Being part of a holiday village brings peace of mind to owners who regularly travel between their home in the UK and their holiday home in France: “Security is important,” says Christine Russell, who owns a mobile home in the Loire Valley. “We know that when we leave our holiday home it’s secure, and when we come back it’s exactly as we left it.”

Find out more

Of course, price is a key factor in any holiday home purchase. Pre-owned mobile homes can start from around €12,000, and new models from around €25,000.

If you would like to find out more about owning a mobile home at a holiday village in France, Siblu offers taster visits with one night free and one night at a discounted rate. To book, call freephone 0800 950 512 or visit our website: www.sibluvillages.com/

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