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What’s better, a mobile home or a villa?

Posted on 01 February 2010 by

What’s better, a mobile home or a villa?

Mention the words “mobile home” to some people and a look of horror will appear on their face: “there’s no way I’m going to stay in a mobile home,” they say.

Well Katy Holland does a great job of arguing the merits of a mobile home versus villa in The Independent’s travel column.

She identifies four points that can help to settle the argument – cost, friends, entertainment and freedom.

The idea of your own villa sounds dreamy, but the reality is that kids don’t do dreamy, they do running around, and playing sports, and mucking about with other kids, and making noise, and all those things that don’t quite work if you’re on your own in a villa.

And the standards of modern mobile homes are great, with en-suite facilities, powerful showers, proper ovens, comfy beds… in fact everything you need for a comfy stay.

So I’m going to stick my neck out, and say villas are okay if there’s only grown ups, but they’re a terrible option if you are travelling en famille.

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