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Whale conservation off the Bay of Biscay

Posted on 16 September 2009 by

Whale conservation off the Bay of Biscay

I was fascinated to find out that Brittany Ferries has been conducting a brilliant project to try and improve the safety of whales and dolphins in the Bay of Biscay, the stretch of water off the west coast of France and northern coast of Spain.

This summer they teamed up with Orca, a marine conservation charity, to conduct vital research to help understand why some fin whales fail to avoid collisions with large ships.

Wildlife education officers from Orca have been aboard Brittany Ferries’ Pont Aven ship, playing a dual role to provide passengers with insights into the sea-life of the Bay if Biscay, while carrying out their own survey into the behaviour of fin whales.

Brittany Ferries say that work on board the Pont Aven, which travels from Plymouth and Portsmouth to Santander in Spain, has given passengers the chance to see these awesome animals in their natural habitat, and will help to find new and innovative ways of conserving these amazing creatures.

There is a blog where you can catch up with the work of the education officers Lena and Rachael, at www.brittanywildlifeofficer.wordpress.com.

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