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We’ve launched an outdoor play guide (because parents have forgotten the games they loved as children)

Posted on 26 June 2015 by Dan Johnson

Do you remember games of blind man’s bluff in the schoolyard and firing marbles as the evening sun sets? It seems that a generation of parents have forgotten the rules to the outdoor games of their youth and children are responding by staying indoors.

Outdoor Play ideas

In our poll of more than 400 mums and dads, 75% said that when they were children, they spent more time playing outside than their kids do today.

And 96% of parents we talked to said they wished they could spend more time on outdoor games and activities with their children.

Outdoor Play

Yet when we asked if they could remember the rules to the outdoor games they loved when they were young, most said that they’ve forgotten how to play.

Even simple games that were played on every playground are now a distant memory. Only one in three people could remember the rules to marbles, and 40% had forgotten how to play Blind Man’s Bluff. Even fewer people could recall the rules to French cricket, with hardly anyone confident they could muster the directions for skipping game double dutch.

So, we’ve ridden to the rescue of no-clue parents across the country, with a downloadable guide to Outdoor Play that tells you how to play six amazing games. You can add the guide to your phone or tablet, and take it with you on holiday for a fun-packed few hours.

Outdoor Play guide

“We’ve forgotten how to play the games we loved when we were at school, and as a result, we’re not encouraging our children to play outside,” says Muireann Larre-Larrouy, marketing manager at Siblu Villages.

“A holiday is the perfect opportunity for parents to change this trend and spend more time playing in the sun with their kids. Simply pack a few bits of kit, and the rules for some easy to play games, and mum and dad can be running around with their little ones in no time.”

Download our Outdoor Play guide here:

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