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Travelling with children

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Travelling with children

We recently asked our siblu Facebook Fans what ideas they could gives us for entertaining their children during a long journey to France.

Dave Bates and Nicola Thomas recommend travelling overnight, so dodging the problem of bored children during the day. Paul Robinson suggests a twist on this idea, by taking an overnight ferry crossing to St Malo, which leaves a shortish drive to many of the west coast resorts.

New technology plays an important role for many parents too, with in-car DVD players top of the list for lots of families. Paul Robinson champions a DVD player and Sat Nav combo, to make the journey a cinch for everyone. Jo Taylor, Simon Childs and Nicola Thomas agree.

Food might be the way to a man’s heart, but it’s also a way of entertaining your little ones on long drives. Will Goodridge packed himself fizzy pop and chocolate to keep alert during his drive, only to find they’d been found and gobbled up by his kids. Snacks helped to keep Simon Taylor’s girls quiet on two 12-hour drives too, and Paula Beale has even spotted the potential of food wrappers to divert little ones.

Old-fashioned bits and pieces are recommended to. Paula Beale continues her theme by recommending fiddly toys and threading beads (yes for boys too) to keep youngsters occupied, while Katharine Childs recommends wipeable travel cards and pens for doodles from Usbornes, which went down a treat with her 7 and 4 year olds …until they lost one of the pen lids!
Sarah Birch suggests the clever ruse of a bag of must-not-touch items, including an egg timer, calculator and old mobile phone to play with in the car. Another tip from Sarah is to go round the pound shops, as they have lots of good travel bits.

What other ideas you can suggest for keeping children entertained on long journeys?

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  1. Enrique Nespereira says:

    I have downloaded a few films and TV programmes onto iPods. My three year old gets Special Agent Oso and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on wy wife’s Nano and the six year old Ben 10 and Phineas and Ferb on my classic iPod.

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