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Top 20 driving songs – we want to know your favourites

Posted on 11 June 2008 by

Top 20 driving songs – we want to know your favourites

We all love to drive through France, but keeping mum, dad and 1.8 children entertained on the journey is no mean feat. When the games of eye spy are over and we switch on the CD player for some respite, which are the songs that can keep us all happy?

Read through our guide to the best driving music (or just enjoy these classic videos) and then have your say by posting a comment and help us compile an all time Top 20 – the best five suggestions win a year’s supply of Daddies Sauce.

Friends we were with recently let out a groan as a song from Whack A Mole Game Inflatable popular rockers and planet savers Razorlight came on the iPod. “It reminds us of our trip to the south of France,” they said. “This was the only album we took with us and the kids really took to it, so we ended up playing it over and over, about 12 times in total!”

So, how should we choose from the golden oldies of the sixties and seventies, the best of Britpop from the nineties, or the latest child-friendly tunes that are topping today’s chart?

Air guitars and power ballads
What makes a good driving song? Is it a big beat and a chorus everyone can sing out loud and proud? I give you the Power Ballad. Think Queen and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (remember Wayne’s World and head-banging in the car?), Simple Minds with ‘Alive and Kicking’, or that gorilla from the advert banging out the drum solo for ‘Something in the Air Tonight’ (sorry Mr Collins). These are songs that make us all go a little bit silly as we launch into another air-guitar riff.

Classic rock
Or how about the classic rock songs that somehow everybody, whatever their age, seems to know. If you’re being really smart you can theme them – Roy Orbison’s ‘I Drove All Night’, ‘I Like Driving In My Car’ by Madness, or Madonna’s ‘Holiday’.

Of course, the more cynical of you can take the themed songs a step further and add Chris Rea’s ‘Road to Hell’, Talking Heads’ ‘Road to Nowhere’, and ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell’. All great songs, but perhaps more suited to a trip on the M25 rather than the wide open roads of France.

Finding a melody
If the big beats aren’t to everyone’s taste (and let’s face it, we’ve been a bit rocky so far), take a short stroll down memory lane (but not too far) for these melodic masterpieces from Crowded House (Fall At Your Feet), the Beautiful South (Prettiest Eyes) and Squeeze (Tempted). If that gets your feet tapping, keep on going for the real sing-a-long classics such as ‘My Way’ by ol’ Blue Eyes, ‘King Of The Road’ by Roger Miller or ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis.

Nursery rhymes
The suggestions so far should keep mum, dad and the children entertained, but what about the toddlers? Well, we’re not going to miss out on a plug for siblu’s very own music CD from Max the Mouse and Friends, which we’ll be bringing out soon. If you can’t wait, there are lots of great nursery rhyme CDs out now which can be personalised with the use of a baby’s name, although constant plays of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can drive you to distraction!

French favourites
Finally, when in France… we can’t fail to mention some French favourites. Of course, Brits of a certain age will have fond memories of Vanessa Paradis singing Joe le Taxi on TOTP, but for something more contemporary what about Air, and their gentle ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’ (may be a bit too soothing for a road trip). And we would be remiss not to mention the Kings of French music stars: Johnny Hallyday, a man held in such adoration he has been dubbed the French Elvis.

What songs do you want to see in our Top 20?
So there you have it, a guide to finding the greatest driving songs in time for your next trip to France.

But to really round this off, we want to produce our own Top 20 super songs. Simply tell us what you would vote for a why – the best five suggestions will win a year’s supply of Daddies Sauce, who are marking ‘Happy Daddies Day’ on 15 June.  We’ll round up your suggestions and put them to the popular vote in July.

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11 Responses to “Top 20 driving songs – we want to know your favourites”

  1. Alison James says:

    Anything that annoys my husband but gets him singing along – Bring Me Up Buttercup!

  2. Sheena dunn says:

    I would choose Don Henley with ‘Boys of Summer’ as its great to drive to and also summerey or Bill Wyman with ‘Je Suis Un Rock Star’ for the vocab hints! My Children would choose anything by the Kaiser Chiefs as the whole family love them they keep them singing along when awake and my 5 year old can even sleep through them at high volume.

  3. Morag Girvan says:

    Meatloaf – paradise by the dashboard light……..

  4. Stewart says:

    chanson d’amor
    lost in france
    la vie en rose
    paris by air

  5. N P Allen says:

    “Lost in France.” (Hopefully not!) Can’t remember who it’s by (Mike Oldfield maybe.)

  6. Sarah-Jayne Windridge says:

    Song 2 Blur – My hubbies favourite and brings back some fab memories of traveling around France

    Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Yeah – I know – but this was playing when we travelled with some friends and we were just entering Cannes!

    Little Red Corvette – Classic Driving Tune

    When Doves Cry – There’s another one!

    Crockett’s Theme – Hmmm

    LA Woman – The Doors are great with this classic one

    Fasten Your Seatbelt – By Pendulum

    Firestarter – Oh of Prodigy greatness

    Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf got it right

    More Than A Feeling – Boston Greats

    Speed King – Says It All

    Maniac – From the Flashdance soundtrack (either original or updated version)

    Everyday Is A Winding Road – One of my Sheryl Crow favourites

    Breakfast At Tiffany’s – A great track by Deep Blue Something

    The Whole Of The Moon – A great night time drive track by Waterboys

    Stupid Girl – Garbage got the beats just right on this one

    Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz hits the nail on the head

    Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny’s just keep coming

    Weather With You – Classic great

    There She Goes – The La’s sing it in style

  7. Cheryl Billau says:

    Hi our family like to listen to Mika ” Grace Kelly”

  8. admin says:

    Wow, we didn’t know there were so many driving songs out there! Another one that was suggested to me, is Hit the Road Jack – specifically when it’s sung by the patients in the funny film Dream Team!

  9. Ben, Izzy and Jamie Reynolds says:

    Queen Dont stop me now . We played this all the time on our last Siblu holiday. From

  10. darren Stoneman says:

    The Pirate Club CD, unbeatble, gets you in the Siblu mood

  11. Tracey Greeman says:

    Sweet Child O’Mine – GNR
    Refugee – Tom Petty
    Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
    I’m on Fire – Kasabian
    Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
    Stone Cold Sober – Paloma Faith
    Pretender – Foo Fighter
    East Jesus nowhere – Green Day

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