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The Next Family Summer Holiday: Return to What you Love or Try Somewhere New?

Posted on 19 September 2018 by

The Next Family Summer Holiday: Return to What you Love or Try Somewhere New?

With the end of summer open up and the return to school and work now imminent, the memories of this year’s summer family holiday are fading into the distance, and the only way to not get too down about it is to start planning the next one. If you’ve had the trip of a lifetime this summer (perhaps you’ve been on one of Siblu’s icamping holidays in France!), you may well be considering repeating the same holiday next year. After such a great experience, this is a great option, but there are so many other places to visit too! In this article, we way up the pros and cons of returning to a previous holiday destination or venturing somewhere new.

Returning to a Previous Family Holiday Destination

Probably the trickiest part of organising a family summer holiday is that it can be almost impossible to find something that suits everyone, so once you’ve found something that meets all criteria, sticking to it is a safe ticket to satisfaction all round, and it’s no secret that happy kids (and parents!) makes for a happy holiday.
Having visited a destination before, you’ll already know the hotspots; from the best places to eat to the most interesting areas to explore, so you can really make the most of every moment. If you return every year, your holiday destination can begin to feel like a second home, which adds a whole new dimension to your summer getaway. A more educational advantage is that repeatedly visiting the same country may well inspire you and/or your children to learn the local language!

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Holidaying Somewhere New

Trying out a new destination for your family summer holiday adds an element of the unknown which often brings along an extra dose of excitement, and there’s always the possibility that you might just love it even more than where you went last year. There’ll be a whole new choice of things to see and explore, so you can create brand new memories and discover more favourite spots. Especially if you decide to visit a country you haven’t been to before, you’ll be exposed to a new culture which can have a whole host of advantages, especially for children.

Similarly, opting for a different type of holiday can give a greater perspective on the world and help you to really find out what suits you best; if you’re used to staying in hotels, you might be surprised by how wonderful our holiday parks in France really are, or if you usually go for self-catering options, you may find it incredibly relaxing to let someone else take care of the cooking.

At the end of the day, choosing between the familiar and the unknown for a summer holiday depends on the preferences of each individual family. Think about what is most important to you for your family holiday and make your decision accordingly. Our only advice is to try a range of different locations before you commit to just one- take it or leave it!

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