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Tasty treat in the south of France

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Tasty treat in the south of France

I rounded up my collection of cooking courses during a week’s stay at La Carabasse in the south of France. The course takes place just outside of Montpellier, in a beautiful town called Saint Clément de Rivière at a cooking school run by Alain and Elisabeth Moussy, who are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

The kitchen is built below their house, so the set up feels extremely personal. I was joined by my family so the range of cooking knowledge went from pasta-and-sauce-pot-boiler (that’s me) to spent-a-lifetime-whipping-up-delicious-meals (mother-in-law).

Even so, we could all get involved and we all learned something new. Alain is the chef and he does a great job of showing you exactly what he wants before leaving you to carry on as he gives the next person a new task.

We cooked up a delicious tart and red snapper starter, followed by duck for our main. Between chopping, seasoning, rolling and filling we enjoyed regular breaks for coffee and cake, an impromptu spot of bread making and even created a selection of canapés. You can check out all my pictures here, on Flickr.

The ingredients were typically Mediterranean so we really felt that we were being given a taste of the region while taking away lots of ideas that can be used back in the UK.

The chef only speaks French, but this didn’t prove a problem as my basic French and his clear instructions got us through. The family actually enjoyed picking up lots of new words and on the odd occasion we were really stuck with a translation, there was a black board to scrawl measurements or draw an idiot’s guide.

This course is for: anyone who enjoys cooking or good food. There’s plenty to keep people busy and the atmosphere is incredibly friendly – bon appétit!

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