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Suitcase savvy

Posted on 03 July 2008 by

Suitcase savvy

Ever wondered why there’s less space in a suitcase when you’re travelling home from your holiday, or worried that your beautifully ironed clothes turn into a creased catastrophe after being packed and unpacked?

It’s because there really is a skill to packing a suitcase.

Ginny McGrath of The Times enlisted the help of a former concierge to film these handy tips. Or if you have plenty of tissue paper and lots of time on your hands, this is the Mercedes Benz of suitcase packing, from an organisation called Modern Butlers.

But for the icing on the cake, learn to fold your t-shirts in just two seconds. I still can’t get my head around this, but I’m told practice makes perfect.

What are your tips for packing the perfect suitcase?

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2 Responses to “Suitcase savvy”

  1. elise says:

    Rolling clothes will keep them mostly wrinkle free and its easier to fit more things into your suitcase!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Elise, I now roll everything I can. I went to a parc with my mother-in-law recently and when we arrived she unpacked and ironed all the clothes she had brought with her!

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