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Stellar service

Praise be, there are still lots of examples of outstanding customer service in the world! In our latest brand forum question we asked you to tell us which is most important to you: facilities or customer service?

Judging by the mix of your responses you expect both from your holiday (and quite right too), but we were particularly taken by your comments about service.

Siblu featured regularly, even though we’d asked for examples from anywhere. Lots of you responses outlined how people on our parcs had made your children feel welcome: Darren told us about the kid’s club rep who remembered his son’s name a year after their first visit; Carol was delighted that a team of children’s entertainers kept demonstrating the same enthusiasm for a club with only a couple of kids in it as they did for a full one, and Tom described how his adult children remember the customer service from holidays when they were young and are now planning to take their own kids there on the back of that feeling.

Lots of your responses also showed how ‘a little extra help’ makes you feel really good. Wayne sent us through the story of a receptionist phoning chemists to check they were open and teaching him what to ask for in French; Graham commented on the time he arrived at a parc with French electrical equipment to find the mobile home had English sockets, and how the team went out of their way to help and ensure his holiday started well.

We also enjoyed your examples from other companies. Well done to Waitrose who replaced Sarah’s wilted flowers with a new bunch and gave her money back; and congratulations to the car dealer who changed a bulb for a customer who was after a price, without being asked and without charging a penny.

We’ll be rounding up your comments and sending them to our teams so they can see exactly what you mean by good customer service – it’s the easiest way to demonstrate best practice.

We know that good customer service get people talking about siblu, and people talking about siblu to their friends and relatives means new customers. So we are asking holidaymakers to post reviews of their siblu holidays on independent review sites such as TripAdvisor and HolidayWatchdog to help spread the word about siblu.

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