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Skyscanner – families should take the ferry

Posted on 10 September 2008 by

Skyscanner – families should take the ferry

Here’s some interesting research from flight portal Skyscanner about the cost of flying and hiring a car, compared to taking your own car and the ferry. In a nutshell, the conclusion says that couples should fly but families will find it cheaper on the ferry.

I would add to that: the research looks at top line costs but doesn’t take into account many of the extra costs for families travelling with young children, especially babies. There are some great low-cost deals for flights, but the extras soon stack up for luggage, buying food at the airport, booking baby seats and so on.

I’m firmly behind the ‘’ferries for families’ banner!

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  1. ferries says:

    Yep, ive been travelling by ferry (to Europe anyway) with the family for a few years now. Airports have became extremely tiresome places to negotiate, ferries are much more relaxed and the kids seem to behave better.

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