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Ski in Brittany

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Ski in Brittany

Chamonix, Val d’Isere, Pont Aven, Morzine… Okay, the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that three of these are famous French ski resorts and one, er, isn’t.

But things could change for Pont Aven, a small town in Brittany, as the team at Domaine de Kerlann bid to put themselves on the winter sports map.

Not content with having a sun-splashed early summer and a busy July and August, they’ve set themselves the challenge of doing something no other siblu parc would. And we think they’ve achieved it by bringing a ski slope to Brittany!

Casting aside the images of beautiful beaches and cracking coastline dappled in September sunshine so lovingly captured by the marketing bods, the parc director Karim and his team have gone for snow and ice as their theme in September.

For one week from 27 September they’ll have a 50m ski slope, luge track and ice rink dominating the parc. There will be instructors on hand to provide basic tuition and everything is available for just 30 Euros for the whole week. Add that to the cost of accommodation, from as little as £287 including Dover-Calais ferry and you’ve got a fun-packed week.

And even if Brittany is un-seasonally hot at the end of September, there’s the giant outdoor pool, splashzone and tennis courts to enjoy.

I can’t help picturing Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards when I imagine the team strapping on their skis, but I can certainly think of worse ways to be welcoming in October.

If you want some early practice, take a look at Passport Diary’s round up of dry ski slopes in the UK.

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