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Siblu holiday reviews from parenting bloggers

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Siblu holiday reviews from parenting bloggers

Are you a parent planning a family break to France? Check out these siblu holiday reviews from parenting bloggers, for no-holds barred feedback on our holiday villages.


Actually Mummy siblu reviewHelen Wills, Actually Mummy

At siblu we pride ourselves on great holidays for kids. Don’t just take our word for it, this review of Domaine de Kerlann is from The Diary of a Loquacious Schoolgirl, with added bits from mum. We especially like the feature on how to take awesome photos at the water park.

“Normally mum and dad like their evenings to themselves, a glass of wine, some grown-up time, etc, yawn, boring! But as the week passed, we stayed up later and later, wine glass next to Orangina bottle as they shared our excitement. They claim they didn’t watch the shows, but I spied them laughing along at the sketches, and guess who was most keen to get up on stage??”

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A sibu review by I'm Counting UFOZStephanie Chapman, I’m Counting UFOz
Steph took her young family for an adventure at Le Bois Masson in the Vendee, where they sun-worshipped on incredible beaches, visited the charming Ile de Noirmutier and cycled through a pine forest. Steph found time to send back plenty of reviews and even post a series of videos, starting with preparations for the family’s ferry crossing and finishing with a last-day picnic.

“Living up to the stereotype beautifully, we got there, pale in pallor and enthusiastic to paddle, during the hottest part of the day, immediately after lunch.  I parked myself on a towel and slathered on some factor 50, Ross wandered off to take photos of the sea, Roo set to work making an epic (her words) sandcastle, and Elliot slept in his buggy out of the sun and under a towel.”

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Mummy Whisperer siblu reviewLisa Pearson, Mummy Whisperer
Lisa took her Curly Headed Boy and Little Dimples on a family break to Domaine de Litteau in Normandy, where they explored the incredible beaches, spent a poignant afternoon at an American War Cemetry and discovered the kid’s clubs. The review scores every element of their break, with an added bonus of a video review from Curly Headed Boy!

“I was worried about Siblu being ‘cheap’, but there’s nothing tacky, nasty, dirty, or horrid there, which I was worried about.  It’s clean, pretty organised and beautifully maintained.”

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Just Annie's siblu reviewAnnie Robb, Just Annie QPR
Annie and her family went on an action-packed break to the Vendee, staying at Le Bois Dormant and cramming in bike rides to the seaside, a trip to Noirmutier and the Oceanile water park, a day at the amazing Puy du Fou and clam foraging at Port du Bec.

“The kids had got a feel of the freedom of the parc, and obviously felt safe and secure, as they wanted to head off on their own to meet some friends they had already made.  I’ll be honest, it killed me to start with, but Chris tried to reassure me it would be fine, and I managed to only check up on them about four times!”

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Siblu review from Its A Mummy's LifeHolly Ward, It’s A Mummys Life
A first family holiday abroad for Holly and her daughters, staying at Les Pierres Couchees in Loire Atlantique. Will the girls get on? What happens when they’re faced with a plate of moules? Read on to find out!

“Holidays are super important to me. As a working mother I crave this uninterrupted time with my family, just us together with no distractions. I realise how important it is to do this because I can see that the girls become more confident and secure and I become more relaxed.”

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Motivating Mum's review of siblu holidaysDeborah O’Connor, Motivating Mum
How does a siblu holiday park stack up against another brand that we won’t name here? Debbie compares Domaine de Kerlann in southern Brittany to a previous family holiday – and we deliver! Extra features include a guide to fixing car trouble abroad and a system for packing.

“We last went to a holiday park in Brittany two years ago, with a different company which I won’t name here. We had a fabulous time, and the whole family rated it as our best holiday ever.  So we came to our holiday with siblu with very high expectations.”

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What SuperAmazing mum says about sibluSophie Muncaster, Super Amazing Mum
A first ever driving holiday for Sophie and her three kids, to Pierres Couchees in Loire Atlantique, plus a video audition for wish you were here! How does life on park compare to home in London?

“The kids were in Nirvana.  Living in London they quite simply don’t roam the streets or go to the park on their own.  I’d love LOVE to let them do this, but it doesn’t feel quite right at the moment at the age of 8, 6 and 3. At siblu, they were like free range children – popping to the shops for a baguette, playing in the park ON THEIR OWN (even wee Pixie at 3 was taken by her elder brothers) and it felt safe and right.”

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Joanne The Coach's review of Domaine de KerlannJoanne Mallon, Joanne the Coach
A first night chucking it down with rain, so how would things shape up for the rest of Joanne’s holiday at Domaine de Kerlann?

“Now, lots of people have asked me about the Speedo question. Anyway, the answer is – no, you don’t have to wear Speedos. Loose swim shorts will do just as well. Though if you do want to wear Speedos, you’ll have many friends to join you. Likewise with bikinis – they were much more popular than one piece swimsuits with women of all shapes and sizes. Not with me though. I’m keeping the swimsuit faith.”

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A MarisWorld review of a siblu holidayMarianne Whooley, MarisWorld
Mari travelled to Charente Maritime and stayed at Bonne Anse Plage with her family – we love the video!

“I think the highlight of our stay here at Bonne Anse Plage has to be the HEATED swimming pool. It is The. Best. Ever.”

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Mediocre Mum review a siblu holiday in BrittanyChrissie Saunders, Mediocre Mum
Chrissie runs down her five favourite places in beautiful Brittany and gives us a kid’s highlight of Domaine de Kerlann too, including a video of dancing in the pirate club.

“When our daughter was first born we did attempt to carry on travelling as we always had, we even took her to a B and B in a pub when she was 10 days old, with cord still attached, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, not  one of my better ideas.  What we find, when trying to carry on as we did pre-kids, she really doesn’t enjoy herself and as you know if the kids aren’t having fun neither are the parents.”

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Have you been on a siblu break? Why not review your siblu holiday by leaving a comment below.

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