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Should Sundays stay sacred in France?

Posted on 15 July 2009 by

Should Sundays stay sacred in France?

French President Sarkozy is planning to ban Sunday as a day of rest, but the country is up in arms at his plan. 

For the French, Sunday is a day for family, not working or shopping.  Indeed, many UK families are still taken aback when they realise how much of France shuts down on a Sunday.

But this day of peace and quiet is treasured by many, and so the country has not reacted kindly to the Government’s plans to relax trading laws and encourage more trading.

I love this difference in cultures, and find it refreshing to know that there’s a time when I’m expected to completely switch off from the rush of my general day to day.

What do you think?. Should France ringfence its sacred Sunday, or should the country pull itself into the 21st century and open up 24/7? Love to hear your comments.

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2 Responses to “Should Sundays stay sacred in France?”

  1. Dean Keel says:

    Agree, agree, it’s bliss actually seeing shops close. Makes you appreciate them when they open again!

  2. Claire says:

    When I used to live in London, my weekends were so hectic & I always ended up doing my big shop on a Sunday afternoon, and come Sunday evening I was so depressed to know it was soon Monday… However, here in France, it’s fantastic. Yes, it is frustrating if you’re cooking a big meal on Sunday & realised you’re out of a certain product/ingredient, but you get used to the shops being shut on a Sunday afternoon so get to them before noon on Sunday, and be organised. Now, Sundays are a blissful family day & we have quality time with each other. If I find I’ve run out of something I really need it Sunday evening, I just ask my great neighbours, who can normally help me out. Vive la France & vivre les dimanches tranquilles!

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