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Our top 10 blogs about France

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Our top 10 blogs about France

Whether you’re interested in the French way of life or just want to escape into somebody else’s world reading top French blogs is a great way to go about it. Browse our top 10 French Blogs list to find our top picks!

1. Chocolate and Zucchini
Written by Clotilde Dusoulier a Parisian women living in Montmartre. This blog is a great insight into French cooking. Packed full of recipes, food thoughts, ingredients and top tips this blog is definitely one for the food lover. Clotilde’s recipes are all accompanied with mouth watering pictures to encourage you to get baking. The blog, started in 2003, shows how a food passion can turn into a career as Clotilde quit her day job and is now a full time food writer.

2. French Word A Day
Written by Kristin Espinasse an American who fell in love with the French language. This blog not only gives an insight into the French way of life but also helps you to learn a new French word in every post. Kristen started the blog in 1999 and is now an established author. Some posts feature extracts from her book A Day in a French Life.

3. Tongue in Cheek
This blog is written by Corey Amaro from the South of France where Corey lives with her husband and two children. Blog posts include snippets of Corey’s daily life, friends, family and her love of antique flea markets. Corey’s posts contain some beautiful photographs of her purchases and home.

4. A Bitch about Brittany
Written by Gillian O’Donovan an ex-Londoner who has lived in Brittany for 18 years. This funny and light hearted blog charts her daily life and struggles with country living. Her posts include life as a music teacher and writer and the people she comes across in these roles.

5. A Languedoc Journal
In ‘A Languedoc Journal’ Alex Hampshire charts his new life in Languedoc where he moved with his wife in 2002. The blog features interesting and varied posts about Alex’s ‘likes, dislikes, fantasies and observations of a new life in France’.

6. Chez Lou Lou
Written by Lou Lou, this blog, started in 2006, tells the story of Lou Lou’s life in a small village in the south of France. Includes posts about the bureaucracy of French living, cooking, food, everyday life and holidays. Includes gorgeous photography throughout.

7. Franceprofonde
Raising a dual national family in France, Betty C living in Aveyron regularly posts about her life on her blog. Posts include an insight into her teaching job, holidays and  family. ‘Wordless Wednesdays’ include regular photographs of the lovely location that Betty lives.

8. Hidden in France
 ‘Hidden in France’ is an honest review of daily life and the trials and tribulations of blogging. This blogger is currently living in LA but her blog muses over decor, design, travel and all things French. Her identity remains anonymous.

9. Polly-vous Francais?
This American blogger living in Paris has a love of all things French. Although the writer is now currently living in America her love of Paris and the French way of life is constantly being discussed. Lively blog posts chart the writers various house moves around Paris & America. 

10. Permaculture in Brittany
This blog is written by Stuart and Gabrielle who live on a small holding in rural France. This blog discusses their challenges of developing sustainable living and growing their own food. Containing photos of their work with tips this blog is a must for the eco conscious. Interesting and varied posts show everything from family life to keeping live stock.

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7 Responses to “Our top 10 blogs about France”

  1. Kristin says:


    Thank you very much for including French Word-A-Day! And it is a pleasure to read and discover the blogs that you featured and to learn more abot Siblu! I’ll make a note of it in today’s post over at word-a-day. Merci encore!

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Very good list…
    We are still a very young blog (2 months old…) but maybe you want to feature us, as we are taking a different angle from the ones you have already mentioned.
    We are based in Sydney, Australia, but very French still, and returning often.
    We are organising a trip for 12 to Provence next May, and we are building up our content towards that objective. Check us out at http://www.ourfrenchimpressions.com

    Merci d’avance


  3. Mary Blake says:

    Your list is impressive.
    It is a pity that you have not recognized my blog
    of a painter who has lived in Paris
    for many years,
    and is a real Montmartoise.
    Do these blogers really know Paris?

    Very truly yours,

    Mary Blake

  4. admin says:

    Mary – thanks for letting us know about paintingparis.blogspot.com, it’a wonderful blog with many amazing images and insights.

  5. Thanks for this useful list. I always enjoy reading other people’s blogs about France – it gives me ideas for my own.

  6. admin says:

    Vanessa, thanks for the comment, and thanks for letting us know about your blog too.

  7. What a great list, I can see that I have some inspirational weekend reading! We are just starting to write more for this blog: http://blog.holidayfrancedirect.co.uk/ and these are great sites for inspiration
    Thank you for listing them

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