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Mum of the Year – what a response

Posted on 20 November 2008 by

Mum of the Year – what a response

10-days in and we’ve already had more than 700 entries to the Mum of the Year awards, that siblu is supporting with Netmums.

The entries have been funny, sad, heart warming, inspiring, moving and emotional.

I’m not a mum, so the responses I’ve seen so far really show just how much of their own time mums give up to help others.

Lots of the time, if they didn’t do the work, nobody else would.

There are people setting up, supplying and running toddler groups for their local community, volunteers who help in schools and raise vital funds, and mums who provide the bedrock for local community groups.

We’ve also received stories of good deeds, such as a young mum who has set up a course for teenagers to help understand relationships and parenthood, the mum who is running her own youth projects after her local council cut funding for their own schemes, and the mum who set up a football team for children with special needs.

Are you, or do you know, someone who you think should be Mum of the Year?

There’s still three weeks before the nominations close, so keep on sending your nominations to us.

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