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Keep digging

Posted on 30 October 2008 by

Keep digging

If you take a look at you might notice things are looking slightly different, but you can’t quite put your finger one what has changed.

That’s because our web manager has been tinkering with the layout, making it easier for you to get to really interesting information that you might not have known was there.

For example, users tell us that when they can find them, podcasts from other holidaymakers, tips from our kid’s clubs and tasty morsels about the food specialities of France make really interesting reading.

But on yesterday’s website they were too hard to find.

Today, there’s a great new section called ‘Dig Deeper’, taking you straight to the treats on So go on, why not dig a little deeper?

And if you’re reading this when it’s dark and cold and wet and horrible outside, have a go on the ‘Feeling Lucky’ link – it will magic up some sunny inspiration to cheer you up.

Anything we can do better? Why not let us know?

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