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Holiday + fun = Happy memories

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Holiday + fun = Happy memories

                           (L x C) + W + S + M
Good Memory =    ___________________
                                      F + R

This is the mathematical formula The Children’s Society says equals good childhood memories. It combines elements such as Love (L), Carefree Living (C) and Simplicity (S) to identify memories that children are more likely to positively remember.

And guess what: time spent with family, building sandcastles and playing out create happier memories than solitary experiences such as watching TV or playing on a computer.

We undertook our own research with a child psychologist at Raising Kids a couple of years ago and found that holidays were crucial to the family dynamic because they are one of the few times the whole family, including dad, can really play together.

More research from The Children’s Society found that 43% of adults said the best age for children to be allowed out with friends unsupervised was 14 or over, even though the adults had been allowed out at 10 or under when they were young. But Government research shows that 86% of parents think it’s good for kids to play outside.

So parents are not comfortable letting their children play in parcs and green spaces, where they can build up many of their good childhood memories, unless they are there too.

One of the common responses we get from holidaymakers when we ask them what they like about siblu holiday parcs is that they feel their children can explore safely.

We think it’s important to provide lots of activities so kids can get their hands dirty, so to speak.

Simple, care-free activities with the family = great childhood memories. Hold the 2009 brochure, I sense a new strapline…

The Children’s Society wants your childhood memories so it can track the changing attitudes of generations. Find out more here.

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