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Into the Futuroscope

Posted on 21 April 2010 by

Into the Futuroscope

I am a big fan of Futuroscope, which is essentially an interactive Science-parc on the outskirts of Poitiers, about 90mins from our siblu parcs in Charente Maritime.

Futuroscope is the second most visited theme parc in France (after Euro Disney) and yet, it seems to me, most British families know nothing about it.

The parc is unlike anything I’m aware of in the UK; essentially it uses Imax cinema technology to show films that put you at the heart of incredible events and bring to life amazing experiences.

There are more than 30 attractions to explore, with several that are brand new for 2010.

Hurricane on the Bayou – New for 2010
Hurricane on the Bayou is a thrilling story and a musical celebration of New Orleans that teaches about the importance of preserving wetlands and ecosystems.

The gigantic images on the 9,700-ft² dome screen take viewers deep into the Louisiana heartland. When the Mississippi was diverted, New Orleans was able to spread out into new zones, but doing so has resulted in massive coastal erosion. The damage to its bayous and wetlands, once natural hurricane defences, has been such that New Orleans finds itself at increasing risk from cyclones, as witnessed by the devastating effect of Hurricane Katrina.

Brush with Genius – New for 2010
This is a moving journey to the sources of the Van Gogh’s inspiration for his work. Images on the 6,500ft² screen give viewers a new perspective on his art, and makes the film an original sensory experience.

Arthur, the 4D Adventure
Arthur, the 4D Adventure from Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element, Leon, and The Big Blue) takes the audience into the make-believe world of the Minimoys. The full array of image technologies (3D modelling, large-format IMAX 3D images, motion simulator and physical effects in the theatre) and the creative flair seen in the Minimoys world thrust visitors on a roller coaster ride of excitement and thrills.

The Future is Wild – New version 2009
Darwin’s theory of evolution throws light on how species evolved in the past, and is the inspiration for Futuroscope’s imaginative look into the future. Our visitors climb aboard expedition vehicles for an interactive augmented-reality adventure, where, kitted out with camera-binoculars and sensor bracelets, they will meet and interact with animals that could be roaming the planet millions of years from now.

Cosmic Collisions – New for 2009
This spectacular, immersive and instructive show from the American Museum of Natural History, narrated by Robert Redford, takes visitors on a breathtaking journey through time and space to witness the cosmic smashes that shape the universe. The scientific images shown on the dome screen were taken by NASA satellites and modelled to simulate cosmic phenomena in 3D.

Fly Me to the Moon, new in 2009
Be a fly on the wall inside the first moon shuttle in Fly Me to the Moon and live an incredible adventure with three stowaways.

Stay at Les Charmettes, La Pignade and Bonne Anse Plage for best access to Futuroscope.

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