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Don’t pay price of booking late

Posted on 05 September 2008 by

Don’t pay price of booking late

I can’t help thinking that the rain in the UK this summer has had a double, if not a triple whammy on people who plumped for a holiday at home and then tried to find a last-minute deal.

First off, tents sales soared this year and from what I see on the various forums I’m a member of, there are plenty of people who spent a damp few days under canvas and are saying “never again”. Not only is that money down the drain but it’s a shame that one bad experience might stop people camping under canvas – it really is a fun experience with kids when the weather’s right.

In our UK call centre we saw a rise in calls in August, for people wanting to take a holiday in the same month. Unfortunately for many, they’d left it so late that finding accommodation really was difficult so they could not get the siblu parc or the duration they wanted.

And for those who could find accommodation, there were difficulties in picking out a travel option to fit their needs. Ferry prices stay the same no matter how close to travel you book, however the popular routes, travelling at the most convenient times, book first.

The low-cost airlines lose all pretence of low prices on popular routes in the summer season for people booking late, so for a family the cost can be prohibitive.

So, what’s the answer? Well, holiday companies want your business and there are great early booking deals to look out for. We’ve brought back our low-cost deposit of £25 if you book before 30 September, which means you can book for even the busiest periods for just £25 and investigate the cheapest travel options now.

If next August in the UK turns into another damp squib, will it really be worth the cost of not booking early?

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