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Cutting energy use on our holiday parcs

Posted on 16 September 2008 by

Cutting energy use on our holiday parcs

As part of our environmental commitments we are always looking at ways of reducing the amount of energy we use across our holiday parcs.

We know from surveys of our energy usage that heating pools is a big energy drain, but we think we’ve found a really clever product that will reduce pools’ heat loss by up to 40% and so slash the energy we use to reheat the water.

HeatSavr is a bio-degradable liquid that forms a transparent layer over the surface of a swimming pool whenever the water is calm. This layer, which is undetectable by pool users, significantly reduces evaporation and heat loss.

The particles in Heatsavr are lighter than water so they float to the pool surface, where they are attracted to each other so that they always try to form a very thin layer over the water. This reduces water evaporation and significantly slows down heat loss.

Unlike a conventional pool cover which has to be removed for swimmers, Heatsavr breaks apart when the water is disturbed and then reforms when the pool is calm.

After successfully trialing the product at Domaine de Kerlann in Brittany, we are rolling out the system to nine holiday parcs in Loire Valley, along the west coast and in Languedoc.

Heatsavr is going to have an immediate impact on our energy consumption and during this period of rapidly rising energy costs, the savings we make will help us to keep prices low for our customers.

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  1. Steve Deals says:

    Whata good idea,a good use of science

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