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Côte tales

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Côte tales

Do you think of France as a brilliant beach destination? I don’t think many people do, and yet the country has a diverse coastline which makes it one of Europe’s top three ‘Blue Flag’ beach destinations.

The west coast is especially good for brilliant coaches with small secret coves, golden sands at the edge of rolling forests and town beaches packed with activities in evocatively named areas such as the Côte de Jade (Loire Atlantique), Côte Lumière (Vendée) or Côte Sauvage (Charente Maritime).

I’ve listed below a small number of the highlights for French beaches in 2010, but what I really want is a list of the beaches you think are best. Feel free to add your comments.

Côte Lumière

The St Jean-de-Monts tourist office has announced a programme of family activities on the town’s stunning sandy beach through the summer, ranging from baby games to Thai fitness. Visitors are encouraged to take part, but it can be difficult to drag yourself away from your lounger once you have settled on the immense Côte Lumière beach. Stay at Le Bois Masson siblu parc.

Côte de Jade

The Côte de Jade in Loire-Atlantique is popular with water sports enthusiasts who practice their skills on the region’s long sandy beaches. Les Pierres Couchées holiday parc is a short walk from a great beach where guests can now try kite surfing. A two-day introductory course starts from €166.

Côte Sauvage

The Côte Sauvage in Charente Maritime has the sunniest weather on France’s west coast, massive sandy beaches screened by forests of pine trees and fun seaside towns, making it a favourite family destination. There are more than 100 beaches to explore, including the seaside resort of La Palmyre, where the sea is gentle at low tide but the waves crash in at other times. Try Les Charmettes siblu holiday parc.

So, which French beaches do you recommend?

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