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Cooking in High Heels, in the south of France

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Cooking in High Heels, in the south of France

TV’s Korin Nolan and Sasha Parker are adding a dash of pizzazz to holidays at La Carabasse in August, with free French cooking lessons for holidaymakers.

The girls, who are set to release a lifestyle cookery book and TV show called ‘How to Cook in High Heels’, will exclusively share some of their French themed recipes with families.

So, armed with their cooking gear, kids, high heels and a handful of recipes, Korin Nolan and Sasha Parker are taking their cooking classes abroad….

They will be scouring the markets of the south of France sourcing in search of local products and a taste of the real Mediterranean.

Korin, who lived in France when she was younger, says that atmosphere and spirit of the markets makes shopping, sampling and haggling for a bargain lots of fun.

She adds that her perfect ingredients for a day out are a search round lots of stalls followed by a stop at one of the cafes for lunch and to find out what sightseeing is to be done in the area.

The girl’s menu includes Bouillabaisse, which is a traditional French fish soup, classic Ratatouille and poulet roti, plus Moule Marinieres (the French alternative to fish and chips) and desserts such as Clafouti aux Cerises and Ile Flottante – floating islands of meringues in creamy custard.

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