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Celebrities who own holiday homes in France

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Celebrities who own holiday homes in France

If you buy a holiday home in France you’ll be in good company, some of the world’s most famous celebrities have also bought their own French bolt holes.

We can’t offer you the incredible luxury and exclusivity of these extravagant palaces, but when you own a holiday home with siblu you can feel like an A-list celebrity with your own exotic place in the sun.

Hollywood’s heavyweight couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decamped to France for the birth of their twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008 and subsequently sold the family photos for a world record fee. The earnings went to their charity foundation rather than their French chateau in Aix-en-Provence, which cost a staggering €44m.

Celebrity home owners in France: Brad and Angelina

As one of the world’s richest people Bill Gates can afford to live anywhere, although as the owner of one of the most amazing villas in the world it is little wonder that he doesn’t feel the need to look beyond his place in France. His €56m mansion dwarfs the amount paid by our other celebrities!

Johnny Depp is possibly France’s most famous non-French resident, following his long term relationship with singer Vanessa Paradis. They lived with their children in a €1.47m villa in the village of Plan-de-la-Tour in the south of France, where Johnny also bought his own vineyard.

Celebrity holiday homes in France: Johnny Depp

Director Ridley Scott gave the world his love letter to France when he made the film A Good Year, but his own experience of owning a holiday home didn’t leave him with such a sweet taste – he claimed that his neighbours’ chicken coop was causing bad odours and took them to court to try and have the building closed, but the judge did not agree and Ridley lost his case.

Elton John’s flamboyant lifestyle is one reason he shelled out on a fabulous French villa which can be seen from all points in the stylish town of Nice. His gardens and home interiors are so stunning they featured in their own book – ‘Elton John’s Flower Fantasies: An Intimate Tour of His Houses and Gardens’.

Celebrity holiday homes in France: Elton John

Tired of being guests at Elton John’s luxury village, David and Victoria Beckham splashed out on their own 19th century house with 250 acres of woodland, although at only €2 million the property was a snip when compared to the singer’s home.

U2’s lead singer Bono owns a beachfront property near Monaco that he thought was completely private, however the seclusion wasn’t enough to keep their newest album secret from fans; one overhead a rehearsal session from the mansion and was able to record the tracks which he then posted to the internet.

Celebrity holiday homes in France: Bono

Tina Turner is resident in Switzerland but still tries to visit her luxury French villa for at least one weekend every month. The clifftop property boasts amazing views which the singer has tried to make the most of – every major room features a patio or balcony to maximise the impact of the outlook.

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