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Celebrating English Channel eccentricity

Posted on 29 September 2008 by

Celebrating English Channel eccentricity

Well, I can’t help but take my hat off to two men who recently evoked the spirit of Wacky Races to find new ways of crossing the English Channel. The first is Yves Rossy, the Swiss jet man who flew himself across the sea using a jet-pack he made at home.

Sadly French man Stephane Rousson failed in his own crazy attempt to cross the same stretch in a pedal-powered airship. Stephane got tantalisingly close to France following his departure from Kent, but unfavourable winds brought his journey to an untimely end.

Of the siblu customers I’ve spoken to, the most fascinating journey was from a school teacher in the North West who cycled back from Brittany over several days.

Perhaps I’m feeling pangs of Olympics and Para-Olympics withdrawal, but I really admire these people who push themselves day after day to do something that have never been achieved by others. Hooray for the eccentrics…

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  1. Ferry says:

    Well, nice to know about Yves Rossy and Stephane Rousson

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