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Beat the exchange rate with our new EuroVoucher

Posted on 15 December 2009 by

Beat the exchange rate with our new EuroVoucher

Here is an exclusive heads up for you – we are relaunching our EuroVoucher for bookings made in January so siblu customers can fix the value of their holiday spending money at 1.25€ to £1.

Our EuroVoucher is commission and charge free so every penny you change goes to your holiday money, rather than to the administration costs of a typical exchange service.

The exchange rate we have set smashes the tariffs of traditional online and offline services, which are trading at around 1.06€ to £1.

EuroVoucher’s fixed exchange rate guarantees that if you change £200 you will receive 250€ of vouchers, compared to around 215€ from the Post Office, Thomas Cook or Travelex and just 205€ for exchanges completed at the airport (according to their websites on 7 December).

And if you still have EuroVouchers in your wallet at the end of your break, we will swap back your pounds for no cost and at the same rate of 1.25€ to £1, so you get your hard earned cash returned in full.

EuroVouchers are available in 5€ denominations and can be bought with Siblu holidays booked in January 2010. They can be used at 11 Siblu parcs, in most restaurants, bars, shops and to pay for activities. You can see full details here.

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