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25 years of siblu brochures – big hair and frilly lampshades

Posted on 13 November 2008 by

25 years of siblu brochures – big hair and frilly lampshades

Exciting news for siblu brochure watchers, I can exclusively reveal the new look for our second edition 2009 holidays brochure… and it’s more of the same.

We asked a group of siblu customers to choose a picture for the front of the siblu brochure and their feedback was surprisingly straightforward.

Where sometimes ‘decision by committee’ can lead to lots of answers and little consensus, our group were overwhelmingly in favour of the picture that appears on our current brochure front cover, showing a family leaping into a swimming pool.

The picture – ‘123 jump’ in this selection – was described by our forum as “showing fun in the sun without any pretentions”, “bright and full of life and the fun you have on your siblu holiday” and “a great family picture action shot”.

It took 65% of vote, with pictures of ‘dad playing with his children on the beach’ and ‘smiling mum’ sharing the rest of the responses.

Which makes me wonder what people would make of these pictures from siblu brochures dating back as far as 25 years?

We’ve posted brochure images from the past 25 years, with pictures from as far back as the mid 80s. I especially like the art deco look from Haven Encore in 1992; that stylised design isn’t something you would see in a brochure today.

The shots of mobile homes show how far accommodation has come over the years. Of course the frilly lampshades, the big floral patterns and the, brown styling are a thing of the past; today’s exterior and interior designs are much more forgiving.

So, take a look at these pictures and let us know what you think.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Wow, what a difference the years make. The older photos are very dated and forcibly posed. The brochures of today are a lot more relaxed and stylish where the pictures look a lot more natural. Keep up the good work.

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