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What’s The Best Way to Travel with Kids?

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What’s The Best Way to Travel with Kids?

Travelling solo is becoming increasingly popular, which is no real surprise when you consider all the advantages of going it alone. Young people in particular are taken in by the flexibility solo travel offers, from booking the cheapest ticket which only has to suit your own schedule, to going exactly where you want and doing just as you wish. Travelling in couples is still relatively straight forward, whereas large group holidays get a little more complicated. As most parents know, the hardest holidays to organise are usually those that involve children.

Family holidays are important to many of us, offering valuable time away from the tensions of everyday life and work, but getting there with children can often be a task and a half. For this reason, many families prefer not to travel long haul, and so breaks like our camping holidays in France are a great option. Even so, the journey to France can seem like a long one with little ones in tow, so what is the best way to go about it?

st paul de vence in the french riviera


The thought of travelling between countries on a coach may at first seem like your worst nightmare, but there are several advantages to consider and, with several operators running regular services from the UK to France, it is a legitimate option.

The first advantage, of course, is the cost. Travel by coach is often notably cheaper than alternative means of transport, meaning you’ll have more euros to spend on meals out or activities during your holiday.

Whilst longer than other travel options, travel by coach is usually fairly easy; you don’t have to worry about concentrating on driving, and as such can pay full attention to keeping the children as happy and entertained as possible. With the right toys and gadgets, the hours will fly by, and with a stroke of luck you may even get a little rest on the journey!

The biggest disadvantage of travelling by coach is that they generally only stop in large cities, so you’ll probably have to navigate various forms of French public transport to reach your destination Siblu campsite.


Driving long distances can be stressful depending on traffic, weather conditions and the behaviour of children in the back seat. If you opt for driving to your holiday park in France, you need to be confident you can handle driving on the other side of the road, navigating, concentrating on driving and managing the children all at once. Needless to say, this is a two-parent kind of job.

Although it can seem a little stressful, driving brings some key benefits: travelling in the familiarity of your own vehicle could help keep children calmer for the journey, and you have the flexibility to stop as often as is necessary. The biggest bonus here, though, is that you’ll have your car with you for the entire holiday, so you’re free to make day trips and supermarket runs without having to check the local bus timetable or fork out for a hire car.


The price of travelling by plane varies greatly depending on time of year, departure airport, destination, airline, the time of day you travel and various other factors. Whilst you’ll have to either hire a car at the other end or go without for the duration of your holiday, flying to France can be worth it if you manage to find a good deal.

Self-evidently, the main advantage of air travel is that it is the quickest, so you can reach your destination campsite and settle in as quickly as possible. As with coach travel, parents are free to focus all their attention on looking after the children, since you won’t need to concentrate on driving.

Of course, when travelling by aeroplane you have to take into account the cost of travel to the airport or airport parking, hiring a car in France (should you choose to do so), and you should also consider the extra time required for check-in and waiting in the airport.

There is no objectively ‘best’ method for travelling to our Siblu camping holidays in France; it really depends on your preferences and what best suits your family and budget. However you get here, just make sure that you do! We guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time from the moment you arrive and will be reluctant to make the inevitable journey home.



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