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Keep digging

If you take a look at you might notice things are looking slightly different, but you can’t quite put your finger one what has changed. That’s because our web manager has been tinkering with the layout, making it easier for you to get to really interesting information that you might not have known was there. [...more]

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Buy your warning triangle before driving in France

French law has been changed to make it compulsary for cars to be equipped with roadside warning triangles. Although this has been law for several months, there has been a grace period while shops have restocked with the products. This grace period is now over and anyone stopped will be liable to an on-the-spot fine, so make [...] [...more]

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Are back to work blues cutting short our holidays?

Research by Indesit has found that more of us cut short our weekends because we start worrying about work, and even answering emails, on a Sunday. If the day of rest has already been affected, do these findings have any relevance on how we spend our holiday time? [...more]

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Wine whine

I’m ashamed to say that despite being a Francophile, I’m the world’s worst wine buff. Waves of inadequacy flow over me if asked to choose a red, white or rosé when with friends. I live by the rule of house-rouge for meat, house-blanc with fish, and house-rosé for my wife. So it was with mixed feelings [...] [...more]

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