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Celebrating English Channel eccentricity

Well, I can’t help but take my hat off to two men who recently evoked the spirit of Wacky Races to find new ways of crossing the English Channel. The first is Yves Rossy, the Swiss jet man who flew himself across the sea using a jet-pack he made at home. Sadly French man Stephane Rousson [...] [...more]

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Get ready for the golf puns

Just in time to catch the wave of pride as Europe’s golfers humble the Americans in yet another Ryder Cup (or will I be eating humble pie on Monday) our parc Domaine de Litteau has teamed up with Omaha Beach Club, one of the best golf courses in France, to tee off October with great [...] [...more]

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Cutting energy use on our holiday parcs

As part of our environmental commitments we are always looking at ways of reducing the amount of energy we use across our holiday parcs. We know from surveys of our energy usage that heating pools is a big energy drain, but we think we’ve found a really clever product that will reduce pools’ heat loss by [...] [...more]

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Skyscanner – families should take the ferry

Here’s some interesting research from flight portal Skyscanner about the cost of flying and hiring a car, compared to taking your own car and the ferry. In a nutshell, the conclusion says that couples should fly but families will find it cheaper on the ferry. I would add to that: the research looks at top line [...] [...more]

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Visit France – blogs we like

If you love France then take a look at this excellent blog from Justin Postlethwaite, the editor of French Magazine. As well as a sideways look at much of the news from France, there are great stories of people he’s met on his travels. [...more]

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Don’t pay price of booking late

I can’t help thinking that the rain in the UK this summer has had a double, if not a triple whammy on people who plumped for a holiday at home and then tried to find a last-minute deal. [...more]

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Ski in Brittany

Chamonix, Val d’Isere, Pont Aven, Morzine… Okay, the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that three of these are famous French ski resorts and one, er, isn’t. But things could change for Pont Aven, a small town in Brittany, as the team at Domaine de Kerlann bid to put themselves on the winter sports map. Not content [...] [...more]

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