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Holiday + fun = Happy memories

                           (L x C) + W + S + M Good Memory =    ___________________                                       F + R This is the mathematical formula The Children’s Society says equals good childhood memories. It combines elements such as Love (L), Carefree Living (C) and Simplicity (S) to identify memories that children are more likely to positively remember. And guess what: time [...] [...more]

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P&O announces massive new ferry launch

P&O is pushing the boat out with the launch of two massive new ferries, the biggest ever used on the Dover-Calais route. The ferries, worth £285m and due to launch in 2010 and 2011, have been ordered because of the increase in demand for driving holidays in France. P&O told the Daily Telegraph that families are [...] [...more]

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Tasty treat in the south of France

I rounded up my collection of cooking courses during a week’s stay at La Carabasse in the south of France. The course takes place just outside of Montpellier, in a beautiful town called Saint Clément de Rivière at a cooking school run by Alain and Elisabeth Moussy, who are two of the nicest people I’ve [...] [...more]

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