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Post Office survey gets it wrong

Surveys which are used to generate stories for newspapers should always be taken with a pinch of salt. The Post Office released the results of their own poll this weekend, proclaiming France one of Europe’s most expensive tourism destinations.   A flurry of checks from angry Francophiles later and the results were quickly discredited. We found [...] [...more]

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The right read

What makes the perfect holiday book? Is it a steamy romance, a racy thriller, the pulpiest pulp fiction or a scientific study into the origins of the universe (or is it only me who takes Bill Bryson’s ‘The History of Nearly Everything’ for my week in the sun?).   [...more]

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Suitcase savvy

Ever wondered why there’s less space in a suitcase when you’re travelling home from your holiday, or worried that your beautifully ironed clothes turn into a creased catastrophe after being packed and unpacked? It’s because there really is a skill to packing a suitcase. Ginny McGrath of The Times enlisted the help of a former concierge to [...] [...more]

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