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More fishy tales

Day two of my cooking odyssey took place at Le Bois Masson in the Vendée. This was a very different type of cooking course, with a focus on getting your hands slimy, trying things you’ve never tried before and being bossed about by the chef Fredo Daville (are chef’s the same the world over?). [...more]

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Something fishy

It was in the line of duty that I packed the chef’s hat and dusted off my apron to take part in a soupcon of siblu cooking courses recently, all so I could give you a taste of the posh side of camping life. First stop was Domaine de Kerlann near Pont Aven, where we were [...] [...more]

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Classic beach music – Violins Sur Le Sable

Recently we posted about the best Driving Songs, which leads us nicely to Violin Sur Le Sables – a classical music event that take places on the beach in Royan, near to our holiday parc Les Charmettes.   Even if you’re not into classical music, the sheer extravagance of this spectacle is well worth seeing – plus [...] [...more]

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Top 20 driving songs – we want to know your favourites

We all love to drive through France, but keeping mum, dad and 1.8 children entertained on the journey is no mean feat. When the games of eye spy are over and we switch on the CD player for some respite, which are the songs that can keep us all happy? Read through our guide to the [...] [...more]

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Hidden holidays

We love to be told about the secret nooks and crannies of France: the beaches, restaurants and attractions that you found and want to tell the world about; your tips for taking a perfect Deluxe Mechanical Bull holiday, your ideas for entertaining the children. So, this is your chance to tell us about your holidays so we can [...] [...more]

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